artist's studio

Our client for this project wanted to retrofit his existing three car garage and turn it into a true artist's studio. The first floor would have a painting studio, while a second floor would be added for the client to play his guitar. The client also wanted to make sure that any changes made to the existing structure were clearly differentiated from the original form, rather than blended together. Mark Rapp, the architect, designed a raised roof second story resting on a steel beam, with an open set of stairs. We bought a lift of 1x6 white cedar and milled shiplap vertical board which became the language for the addition. This is an architectural language that Sixteen on Center has used before, and continues to use now. The interior stair, with its long span, evolved into a suspended support structure. The guard between the stair and shop was made as a series of reclaimed fir grids. The paint studio boasts radiant heat powered by an on demand hot water heater, which doubles for hot water in the slop sink and the water closet is comprised of a set of reclaimed 2x stock and old doors salvaged from other demolition jobs.