cottage living

It's amazing how much a difference 6' can make. This home already had a nice open plan, connecting the living, dining and kitchen, but had an extremely tight entry sequence. Situated on a tiny lot in the heart of Little Compton, the clients wanted to replace their garage with a den that could double as a guest bedroom, along with a second bath. Sixteen on Center's design process led the clients through the town zoning process for a variance, and created a spacious entry and new bath that changed the way this ranch addressed its guests. The vertical white cedar clad shed not only created a bit of privacy from the street, but replaced the function of the existing garage in a smaller, less cluttered form. Sixteen on Center reworked the kitchen layout, reusing and reconfiguring the existing cabinets and topping them with reclaimed wood counters, from lumber salvaged from the original framing of the home. Even the sliding door panels in the den were made from the original trim stock which we resurfaced to contrast the white trimmed door frames.