Gary Metts has become an incredibly valuable part of the Sixteen on Center team. He has nearly a decade's worth of experience in finance and business management. With regards to his role at Sixteen on Center, his primary focus is on improving efficiency by building an enhanced business structure that incorporates accurate job-cost tracking, streamlined compliance procedures, and regular vendor/creditor contact. He is the behind-the-scenes advisor to the company from a top-level perspective. Before coming on board to Sixteen on Center, Gary spent 6 years as an Individual Financial Advisor at Ameriprise Financial. Upon leaving Ameriprise in late 2009, he became focused on building his other two businesses - DA Metals Jewelry, a fashion-forward jewelry design studio and manufacturer; and Craftland, a retail gift-clothing-accessories store in Downtown Providence, specializing in Handmade-in-America products designed and made by independent artists. Gary is, and will continue to be motivated to create and foster business opportunities locally that are driven by his deeply held core values of creative enterprise and local economic development - i.e. not "Made in China". Being that Sixteen on Center is Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts' premier high-end builder, Gary coming on board was a perfect fit and his vision for the company is very much in line with the other two company owners: Todd Strunk and Shawn Harris.

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